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Financial success grows out of successful relationships. At Graypoint, we believe those relationships are built with exceptional client service and collaboration. Meet our team of thinkers and problem solvers.

Melanie Allison Melanie Allison
Melanie Allison


Gisèle Batubenge Gisèle Batubenge
Gisèle Batubenge

Personal Accounting Supervisor

Jackie Bodmer Jackie Bodmer
Jackie Bodmer

Financial Planner

Tim Casserly Tim Casserly
Tim Casserly


Cindy Chan Cindy Chan
Cindy Chan

Associate Vice President

Mariah Clark Mariah Clark
Mariah Clark

Associate Vice President

Daniel Curran Daniel Curran
Daniel Curran

Vice President

Michelle Davidoff Michelle Davidoff
Michelle Davidoff

Client Services & Trading Associate

Christopher Denisulk Christopher Denisulk
Christopher Denisulk

Senior VP Counseling

Dustin Dolloway Dustin Dolloway
Dustin Dolloway

Financial Planner

Scott Duesterdick Scott Duesterdick
Scott Duesterdick

Senior VP Technical Group

Joanne Fowler Joanne Fowler
Joanne Fowler

Executive Assistant

Joe Fraser Joe Fraser
Joe Fraser


Nick Fratianni Nick Fratianni
Nick Fratianni

Financial Planner

Renee Galloway Renee Galloway
Renee Galloway

Chief Financial Officer

Corinne Gileski Corinne Gileski
Corinne Gileski

Personal Account Associate

Jeff Harris Jeff Harris
Jeff Harris

Senior VP of Financial Counseling

Robert Hennes Robert Hennes
Robert Hennes

Director Non-Profit Services

Hugh Johnson Hugh Johnson
Hugh Johnson

Chairman Emeritus

Tyler Keegan Tyler Keegan
Tyler Keegan

Financial Planner

Lindsay Keville Lindsay Keville
Lindsay Keville

Personal Account Associate

Keith Lamoutte Keith Lamoutte
Keith Lamoutte

Senior VP Investment Strategy

Alicia Lasch Alicia Lasch
Alicia Lasch


Sean Leonard Sean Leonard
Sean Leonard

Chief Investment Officer

Jessica Lopez Jessica Lopez
Jessica Lopez

Client Analyst

Karin Lopez Karin Lopez
Karin Lopez

Senior Vice President

Kate Loughney Kate Loughney
Kate Loughney

Associate Vice President

Mackenzie McGraw Mackenzie McGraw
Mackenzie McGraw

Client Analyst

Kylie McKenna Kylie McKenna
Kylie McKenna


Dianne McKnight Dianne McKnight
Dianne McKnight

Director Client Services

Joe Mitchell Joe Mitchell
Joe Mitchell

Senior VP Counseling

Lisbeth Mitchell Lisbeth Mitchell
Lisbeth Mitchell

Vice President

Michael Mitchell Michael Mitchell
Michael Mitchell

Vice President

Michelle Moore Michelle Moore
Michelle Moore

Senior Accountant

Daniel Nolan Daniel Nolan
Daniel Nolan

CEO & President

Nancy O’Brien Nancy O’Brien
Nancy O’Brien

Administrative Assistant

Derek G. Olsen Derek G. Olsen
Derek G. Olsen


Steve Pardo Steve Pardo
Steve Pardo

Compliance Officer

Kathleen Pellettier Kathleen Pellettier
Kathleen Pellettier

Human Resources Manager

Kelly Pennacchia Kelly Pennacchia
Kelly Pennacchia

Executive Assistant & Office Manager

Daniel Piazza Daniel Piazza
Daniel Piazza

VP Counseling

Armando Posada Armando Posada
Armando Posada

Financial Planner

Susan Reese Susan Reese
Susan Reese

Senior VP Investments

Roberta Rocas Roberta Rocas
Roberta Rocas

Vice President

Ryan Rosmarin Ryan Rosmarin
Ryan Rosmarin


Andrew Rutnik Andrew Rutnik
Andrew Rutnik

Investment Analyst

Kim Saba Kim Saba
Kim Saba

Director Fixed Income

Jenna Schweigler Jenna Schweigler
Jenna Schweigler

Senior Financial Planner

Lauren Smith Mallon Lauren Smith Mallon
Lauren Smith Mallon

Associate Vice President

Sean Stokna Sean Stokna
Sean Stokna

Senior Financial Planner

Shelly Stone Shelly Stone
Shelly Stone

Senior Vice President

Rozanne Summerson Rozanne Summerson
Rozanne Summerson

Director Data Management

Toni Taffe Toni Taffe
Toni Taffe

Personal Account Associate

Ryan Tamasi Ryan Tamasi
Ryan Tamasi

Vice President

Joseph Vet, Jr Joseph Vet, Jr
Joseph Vet, Jr

Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Marissa Vollmer Marissa Vollmer
Marissa Vollmer

Vice President

Candice Weyand Candice Weyand
Candice Weyand

Executive Assistant

Amy Wheland Amy Wheland
Amy Wheland

Senior Personal Account Associate

Jessica Zarecki Jessica Zarecki
Jessica Zarecki

Assistant Controller

Charles Brown Charles Brown
Charles Brown

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